ad astra co. is a boutique-style event coordinating

company based in miami, fl. 


specializing in weddings, dinner parties, & every occasion in between, we know that it's all in the details. because when it comes to festivities, every intricacy is worth celebrating!



long before i was trusted to drive a car, i would spend weekdays scheming and plotting— never hesitating to find any excuse to organize an event. if friday rolled around and i wasn't hosting a friend's birthday surprise, i was putting together a themed dinner party. and don't even get me started during the holiday season, because if you give me an inch, i will take a mile. 


my philosophy is simple: when it comes to festivity, the limit simply does not exist. 


my life has taken a few twists and turns since my amateur planning days, but it didn't take long for me to indulge the notion that i could turn this passion of mine into a career.  it's what my grandmother would call siempre inventando, or in other words...always finding something to create out of nothing. so i figured, why not channel this into helping others with their inventos? because if there's anything that makes me as happy as being among a bumbling crowd at a function, it's knowing that i had a hand in how it all came together. nothing beats seeing the expression on clients' faces when they see their dreams come to fruition. it's the hustle and bustle, the spur of the moment decisions, and the intricate details that make it all worthwhile for me. 

in a world of tall tales, anecdotes, and parables, we want your story to be nothing short of legendary. since no story is quite like another, we make sure you and your guests will remember your special day for years to come.


we can't wait to jump on a call, discuss your goals, and cater the planning process to your needs!  

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